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At Energentium we now have developed a few types of industrial soaps – made from our recycled materials such as ethanol and other alcohols. The soaps are to be used in large areas with heavy traffic such as shopping malls, … Continue reading


Energentium is dedicated to the production of the highest quality ethanol and ethanol based products from food quality waste sugar based  and alcohol based liquid products in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our modern state-of-the-art 44,000 square feet distillation facility sitting on 4.6 acres  in the fair city of Brantford, Ontario, Canada is working hand in hand with our clients/partners that are some of the world’s major corporations in making this a better cleaner world by converting their waste materials into renewable energy and other products that benefit society.

With our  proprietary process we have developed unique recycling methods that saves our clients millions of dollars per year while eliminating waste materials from ending up in landfills, our lakes and rivers.

Energentium is a proudly Canadian company helping keep Canada green for future generations and creating jobs and wealth for Canadians today.

Please Contact us to find out more about our ethanol and ethanol based products and see how we can help you.